Blockchain Engineer

Menlo One creates market-leading blockchain tools for buying and selling digital tokens. Built on the Ethereum network, Menlo One’s technology offers communication, social, and automation capabilities that were previously unavailable. Together, these improvements address the critical limitations around user experience, security, and compliance that presently stymie widespread adoption. With deal discovery, collaboration, and asset management, Menlo One transforms the ICO from a niche solution into the standard in global fundraising.

The Role

This position reports to the Menlo One CTO. The Blockchain Engineer will be responsible for the architecture and implementation of blockchain-based technologies for the Menlo One roadmap.

The ideal candidate will have previously worked with distributed applications, have extensive familiarity with Ethereum and related blockchain technologies including smart contracts (especially ERC-20 tokens). They must be well versed in the current best practices surrounding smart contract development and be able to rigorously test and verify contract code.

  • Research, strategize and educate on methodology and best practices for blockchain design, implementation, and deployment
  • Collaborate with a team and open source community to design and build Menlo One blockchain systems
  • Implement rigorous and thorough monitoring and testing practices to ensure the security and performance goals of blockchain infrastructure
  • Design and implement blockchain supporting tools and utilities (e.g., CLI client, tools for exploring the blockchain, monitoring, benchmarking or debugging tools)
  • Experience developing on top of Ethereum
  • Experience developing smart contracts
  • Experience in a DevOps environment (blockchain is a plus)
  • Working with teams of software engineers
  • Good understanding of continuous integration tools
  • Good understanding of blockchain test tools (e.g. Truffle)
  • Experience using blockchain management tools
  • A passion for blockchain and decentralization is a plus
  • Working knowledge of the following:
  • Node.js and related tools
  • Javascript, C++, & GoLang experience is helpful
  • Testing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Distributed computing
  • Common IPC/RPC methods and patterns
  • Solid OS / networking fundamentals
  • Optimization
  • Industry standard network architecture

Include a link to your Github when applying.

Finally, please include a statement as to why you think decentralization will make the world a better place (no more than 2 paragraphs).

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