Senior Cloud Engineer

Menlo One creates market-leading blockchain tools for buying and selling digital tokens. Built on the Ethereum network, Menlo One’s technology offers communication, social, and automation capabilities that were previously unavailable. Together, these improvements address the critical limitations around user experience, security, and compliance that presently stymie widespread adoption. With deal discovery, collaboration, and asset management, Menlo One transforms the ICO from a niche solution into the standard in global fundraising.

The Role

This position reports to the CTO and interacts with blockchain, privacy, and security engineers. The Senior Cloud Engineer is responsible for the architecture and implementation of cloud-based services for the Menlo One roadmap.

For the "mercury" phase, the primary task is re-implementing the ledger/eyeshade system to use Menlo One on a kubernetes-based cloud environment, and to provide a "sidechain" allowing users to track their Menlo contributions. For the "gemini" phase, the primary task is implementing advertising services in a similar environment. For the "apollo" phase, the primary task is evolving the services in the previous phase to operate in a decentralized environment.

  • Software design, architecture and development in multiple languages (C/C++, * JavaScript OR Python, K)
  • Testing and Operations
  • Documentation
  • Mentoring other software engineers
  • Perform code review on products outside of primary focus
  • Understanding of the web technology stack (HTTP, WebSockets, cookies, asset loading / caching)
  • Experience with React, Backbone, WebPack, Promises
  • Experience with Sass and Compass
  • Experience with cross-browser quirks
  • Data-informed product development: analytics, A/B testing, etc.
  • Experience using REST API’s
  • Experience with version control systems
  • A passion for blockchain and decentralization is a plus

Include a link to your Github when applying.

Finally, please include a statement as to why you think decentralization will make the world a better place (no more than 2 paragraphs).

Thank you for your interest in Menlo One. Don't forget to join our Telegram group. It's the best way to get continuous updates from us.