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Menlo One brings blockchain to business. We help enterprises and startups across the globe build and manage blockchain solutions. We offer infrastructure management and development services, as well as opportunities for joint ventures and collaboration. We're not a technology vendor, we're your partner.

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Managed Blockchain Infrastructure

I.T and Logistical barriers prevent many companies from exploring or developing blockchain solutions. We install, manage, and support Menlo Content Nodes and other blockchain infrastructure as a service so you and your technology team can stay focused on your business. We offer custom solution development to integrate into your existing infrastructure allowing a frictionless transition to your new product.

Technology Development

Our goal is to aid the adoption of blockchain technology by helping people build great software. Our framework is designed as a launching point for entrepreneurs, startups and enterprise to build blockchain software by minimising learning and cost of entry barriers. We'll help you build the future of decentralized technology through discovery, design, rapid prototyping, solution delivery, system integration, and ongoing support.

Partners we’re helping to decentralize their web stack

Menlo for Enterprise

A powerful solution to build your next blockchain product.

Menlo for Startups

Build your MVP with the open source Menlo Framework.

Menlo for Crypto

Truly decentralized fintech solutions built with Menlo Framework.