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The Framework for Scaling Decentralized Applications

Menlo One is an open-source framework for making decentralized applications as fast and easy to use as their centralized predecessors. Blockchain data is cached and indexed on high performance "content nodes" which give dApps the speed users expect from the web, without compromising decentralization.

Menlo One is a second layer which uses multiple blockchains synergistically to overcome the limitations around user experience, speed, and security, which have stunted widespread adoption of dApps. It leverages a Proof-of-Reputation system which solves issues around identity and governance. With Menlo One, developers can build the Web 3.0 generation of marketplaces, social media platforms, DAOs, financial products, and other dApps that everyone has been anticipating.

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Developer Tools To Easily Build Decentralized Apps

Menlo One gives developers the essential building blocks for decentralized apps. From a distributed database, to a proof of reputation algorithm, to transactions and governance, our framework gives you the tools you need without having to build them from scratch. We re-imagined the web stack for a future with no administrators, censors, or single point of failure.
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Cross Chain Node

A desktop native app that runs light nodes of Ethereum, IPFS, and other networks. dApps built with Menlo One have a smooth user experience thanks to it’s automated transaction API.


With no admins, the Web 3.0 needs to know who to trust. Our Proof-of-Reputation algorithm leverages Token Curated-Registry design patterns, to incentivize virtuous behavior within the ecosystem, so that only those providing value to others are compensated in tokens.

Decentralized Database

At the core Menlo One is a decentralized database, which caches data from multiple blockchains, to provide users with the speed and experience of a traditional webapp, without compromising the security guarantees of a distributed blockchain.

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Why use Menlo OneTo make dApps ready for the mainstream, Menlo One is easier, faster, cheaper for users than centralized web.
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Blockchain, with cloud performance.

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Users paid for attention and value.

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Users own their own data.

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Decentralized. Can’t be stopped or censored.

Use Cases for the Protocol

Apps that can't be stopped.

We are the framework which will enable mainstream adoption of decentralized apps.

Music Apps that Pay You for Producing
Ecological Resource Development
Global Trade Organization
Decentralized Database for Investors
The Roadmap
Summer 2016:

Launch of Ether-Signal, a precursor to TownHall. Was developed for members of the Ethereum Foundation to help the community vote on whether or not to fork after the DAO hack: Early development of Vulcanize DB, a project started by the Menlo One team members and is key to Menlo Core:

      Q4 2017:

      First Whitepaper Released

      Q1 2018:

      TownHall Beta Released

      H2 2018:

      TownHall 1.0 Launched


Powering ICO 2.0Making the next generation token sale experience and unlocking the never before possible with the Menlo One framework
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ICOs on the DAICOs

Allowing for platform participants a voice on the utilization of funds.

Pre Sales on the Blockchain

Enhancing accountability in the digital currency market by allowing pre sales.

ONEMenlo One TokenThe Heart of the System

Menlo One Token (ONE) is an open source ERC20 compatible token on the Ethereum public blockchain. ONE is a critical piece of software designed to work flawlessly with our software and is sold so developers have a fully functional product with which to build on.

Used to pay nodes for
data availability

Used to pay users
for attention

Used to pay users for
comments and reviews

Our Token Sale

The Menlo One token sale is live from September 17 to October 15.

Token Sale is Open

Our Founder

Menlo One is founded by Matt Nolan, a season technologist who has been building applications for IBM, JP Morgan, and High5 Games for the past 10 years. As an entrepreneur, Matt has put together a dedicated team at Menlo One that cares deeply about creating great software to build the foundation for the next generation of decentralized applications.

Core Team

We've come together to build technology that will make your life easier and better.

  • Matthew Nolan
    CEO, Founder, Engineering

    Serial entrepreneur & full stack-developer. Partner at Ark Advisors. Co-founder of Speek: acquired by Jive 2015. Former Sr Engineer at JP Morgan. Former Sr Engineer at IBM. Founder of Verona: one of Fast Company's "most innovative companies", 2016. Globally recognized social entrepreneur featured by BBC, NBC, FOX, Vice, more. Webby Awards honoree, 2016. Speaker & Resident at TED.

  • David Dawson
    CTO, Engineering

    Veteran of 15 years at Microsoft directing engineering organizations across product & software engineers. Delivered products that power Windows, Xbox & Office from scalable enterprise services to consumer mobile products. Co-founded Mast Mobile as CTO focused on business mobile focused communication services that sold to Hearsay Systems.

  • Tiaan Wolmarans
    COO at Menlo One | ICO Advisor

    Tiaan is an entrepreneur who focusses on operations and product development. He has directly advised, written whitepapers for and developed products for multiple ICO's that have collectively raised $11 million in private and public sales, some with still-upcoming ICO's. He also worked on the product development and relaunch of Hempcoin as well as the relaunch, development, and blockchain migration of Solaris.

  • Marcie Grambeau
    Marketing & Communications

    Marcie is a multi-faceted marketing and communications specialist. Her experience ranges from planning to execution to production to consulting for a wide variety of products and services across Wellness, Entertainment & Tech sectors. A passionate brand & startup advocate, she previously worked with ARK Advisors helping support companies through the ICO process.

  • Rick Bross
    Lead Frontend Developer

    Rick Bross has been programming since the age of 9, freelancing since the age of 12, internship at 13, and went directly into the industry after High School. Over the course of the past 6 years, he has worked for remarkable companies such as VML, High 5 Games, IPsoft and has overseen development work on brands ranging from Lexus, to Korean Air, to He's helped launch widely successful platforms in the AI and labor automation space.

  • Brandon Carlson
    Web Architect

    Brandon Carlson has been architecting and deploying custom web applications for over 10 years. He has direct experience developing secure infrastructures for Fortune 100 companies, the US government, Health Care, and Employment Background Screening industries.

  • Felix Watkins
    Blockchain Developer

    Felix is an industry recognized blockchain developer, having written and audited smart contracts for dozens of successful token sales, including his side project Circles Project.

  • Courtney Zalewski

    Courtney has done design work for many tech companies including One Second Everyday (#1 in Apple App Store), Glimpse, and Pager.

  • Ian Welch
    Business Development

    Ian has led business development for a number of Silicon Valley based companies in software and biotech. He previously led customer acquisition at Raymond James as a licensed financial advisor.

  • Nathan Windsor
    Business Development

    Nathan is a founder at Macroscape and was an early contributor to several blockchain projects including RChain.

  • Rob Watson
    Global Business Development

    Rob is a researcher and analyst, operating in the blockchain space, specializing in whitepaper audits, due diligence, tokenomics review, and developing communities for projects in both the pre-ico and post-ico stage of development.


  • Dave Hoover

    Dave Hoover dove into the blockchain rabbit hole in 2015, quickly found his way to Ethereum, and has been focused there ever since. He has worked at ConsenSys, IDEO, and Augur, and contributed to many Ethereum projects as an auditor, engineer, and coach. Dave was a partner/owner of Obtiva, Mad Mimi, and Dev Bootcamp, all of which were successfully acquired. Dave is co-author of the book “Apprenticeship Patterns”.

  • Dr. Brian Watson

    Dr Brian Watson is a Senior Associate and Fund Manager at Invictus Capital. Previously, Brian worked as postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University on the development of low-cost photovoltaic technologies. After returning to South Africa, Brian pursued his interests in early stage investing aiming to apply his experience in developing new technologies, research and communicating technical content to the burgeoning space of decentralized finance.

  • David Langer

    Venture Partner @ Pioneer Fund, Pledger @ Founders Pledge, Mentor @ Seedcamp, Founder/CEO @ Zesty Inc. David is a serial entrepreneur, active angel investor, and startup advisor working with a growing portfolio of 20+ companies.

  • Richard Titus

    Richard D. "Titus", a partner at Ark Advisors, is a globally experienced senior executive (CxO) with 20+ years in digital transformation. He has co-founded 11 firms including and digital agency giants Razorfish (LA) & Schematic. He has also led business divisions for Samsung Electronics, and the BBC to award-winning levels of performance recognized by CES, GSMA, Techcrunch and the Wall Street Journal. He has advised numerous successful ICO's including: ADEX, HIVE - PROJECT, PILLAR, PO.ET, EXPERTY, GUARDIUM, OMEGA ONE, SCIENCE, SUN EXCHANGE, and SNIP - raising +$200m in funding in 2017.

  • Jill Richmond

    Jill Richmond leads the Sparkchain team at Spark PR, one of the leading firms in the space with clients including Blockchain Capital, Civic, and Simple Token. She has over 15 years of experience focused on startups including co-founding two, and supporting global innovation within the private and public sector at the World Bank Group's Innovation Practice. Jill has curated and spoken at many conferences and panels and is currently a regular contributing writer for Forbes, BTC and Distributed Media. Her views on technology and innovation have been featured in The Washington Post, VentureBeat, The New York Times, BBC, Modern Luxury, BTC Media, Forbes and Spectator.

  • Mike Norman
    Founder at Wefunder

    Mike Norman is the cofounder of the crowd investing platform With over 6,000 funders and $16 million in startup funding. Mike helped craft the crowdfunding portion of the JOBS Act and watched Obama sign it into law at the White House. He holds an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.

  • Jake Baval

    Jake Baval aka Korean Jew Trading is a veteran cryptocurrency entrepreneur, having built a grassroots community from scratch and making it his mission to help people navigate the space. As someone who is so experienced in growing and building communities, but also experienced the difficulties of ICO investing, his insight is invaluable to the development of the Menlo One platform and all its user-friendly features.

  • Marissa Kim

    Marissa, a partner at Ark Advisors, is a securities and capital markets lawyer focused on helping innovators in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem launch, raise capital and navigate and influence the regulatory landscape. Previously, she represented major financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies in all aspects of public and private company transactional practice, focusing corporate finance, public and private offerings of stock, M&A and the formation of hedge and PE funds at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP in New York City.

  • Markus Ament

    Serial FinTech entrepreneur, Markus Ament, or Maex as he is known, has led many companies from early stage startups to global leaders, loved by thousands worldwide. Maex currently sits as Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Taulia, and has transformed the company from an idea in 2009, to the market leading Financial Supply Chain company, connecting businesses to create a more efficient and profitable supply chain. With an enviable list of the of Fortune 500 clients and over 300 employees, Taulia has quickly become the recognized leader in the financial supply chain.

  • Mike Hostetler

    Mike is a serial entrepreneur, director of blockchain at Raise, CEO of Modern Web, CTO of SuperBetter, and Project lead at jQuery.

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