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Menlo Framework

The Menlo framework gives you everything you need to get your dApp started. A ReactJS skeleton which integrates Truffle, Ethereum and IPFS, following standard design patterns.

Managed Content Nodes

Enterprise Blockchain Infrastructure

Menlo dApps let the cloud do the heavy lifting by caching blockchain data in the cloud on what we call Content Nodes. While anyone can setup a Content Node, Menlo offers Content Node administration as part of our Premium Enterprise Support.

Menlo One Decentralized Content Node Server
Block Overflow

Share Knowledge, Earn Tokens

Block Overflow, an application for developer Q&A, is the demo dApp built with Menlo. It was released on testnet during the ONE token sale, and users could use their ONE tokens the mainnet release the moment the token sale ended.

Block Overflow a Decentralized Menlo One Blockchain Product
Spend ONE Tokens to ask a question
Ask a question

Asking a question costs ONE tokens, which goes into a pool to pay the person with the best answer. Then, a 24 hour countdown timer starts.

Answer blockchain questions
Users post answers

When someone replies with an answer, they place ONE tokens into the pool too, in hopes that they have the right answer.

the decentralized application starts a timer
The pool grows

Each time an answer is posted, the pool grows, and the 24 hour timer resets.

upvote answers on the decentralized blockchain platform block overflow
Users vote on answers

Users vote on answers. They can leave a comments too. If the answer they voted on wins, they get Reputation points.

win tokens on the blockchain
Top answers win tokens

When people stop providing answers, the most up-voted answer is the winner. All of the ONE tokens go to the winner.

Block Voerflow is a decentralized product, built on Ethereum
Totally decentralized

Furthermore, all of Block Overflow is decentralized. All of the data on this website was read from the blockchain.


TownHall was released in April of 2018. It is the communication layer Menlo Framework. It has been completely integrated into the Menlo Framework, and is now deprecated. However the archived code is still available on Github.

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